Half A Mind To Stay

by Daniel Whittington

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Rhodes is a band with a modern take on the classic blues-rock sound. Between the band members there are roots that include everything from British guitar rock, Texas Blues, and early metal rock, to folk and bluegrass influence singer/songwriters.

The band was formed by 4 friends who had played together for years before joining together in this current lineup. Phil Siems (bass) and Ryan Allshouse (drums) have been playing and performing together for almost 10 years before joining with Daniel Whittington (lead vocal and rhythm guitar) and Darren Clarke (lead guitar) to put together the beginnings of what would become “Rhodes”.

Early on there was a recognizable energy and presence to the music that was different than anything that they had experienced before. It showed the promise of being the kind of band that could create the kind of music they had always dreamed of making.

The process of songwriting and reworking the music to prepare for the album took almost 3 years. In today’s world where technology puts no boundaries on creativity, Rhodes cared the most about the authenticity of their work and capturing the presence and energy they are known for.

They wanted to create something with similar boundaries and technical limitations to their heroes – Van Morrison, Cream, Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley.

So the album was recorded in the old school fashion, as a band, with no studio trickery. All tracks were laid down in solid and complete takes with no overdubbing. The results are raw and organic with two guitars, bass, drums, vocals and lots of heart.


released January 1, 2007

Daniel Whittington - Vocals, Guitars
Darren Clarke - Guitars
Phil Siems - Bass
Ryan Allshouse - Drums



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Track Name: Magician
She walks like a magician
Down a darkened street
And every single glance
And every second chance
Feels like it’s meant for me

I want more than a lover
I want more than a game
But every single kiss
Tells me I meant for this
And then I’m lost again

And then I fall into you
Burning like a flame
Only for your name
I wait for you to say
You will never leave me alone

She steps into my house
And I can barely see
Is it flesh and blood
Or mystery and love
Completely covers me

Surround me in her emotions
Surround me in her pain
And never ask me too
Choose between the two
Cause they both feel the same
Track Name: Wheel
I’m riding on your wavelength
With your highs and lows
So extreme that they leave me
Standing lost and cold
I reach for you like a child for your flame
I’m in love with your heat
And surprised by the pain

Keep your hands upon the wheel
And drive till you don’t feel anything at all
It’s strange how it hurts more when you love
But if it didn’t ask for all
Then it wouldn’t be love at all

In this space between us
There’s a million words
That were supposed to be healing
But just created hurt
A tear falls from your eyes to your fingertips
If I told you that I loved you
Would it be enough for this

And I’m sorry
I’m so sorry
How did it come to this

I’m so afraid
That after tonight
I won’t feel anything
Look what you’ve done to me
I’m so afraid
That after tonight
I won’t feel anything
I can’t help what you have done to me
Track Name: Should Have Known
You take your steps
And you dress to please
But you close your eyes
Just to never see me
I whisper things
Into your head
And you hear the words
But you don’t believe me

All the things you said you would do
I wait for you
And all my life is just a dream
I guess I should have known

All the things
I should have said
I love your touch
The way that you move
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
Just to hold you close
And never lose you
Track Name: Tonight
The sun is setting like a scuttled ship
And goes down taking the dream with it
She looked so beautiful, I never could believe
That it was dangerous

But tonight
I’ll be the deepest sea
And you
You be the mystery

You were the one that put the demons down
And I was the one that walked on holy ground
The visions I saw there, they burned away the lies
Till there was nothing

We fell asleep to sounds of waves and sand
And woke to the beauty of a different land
But this place will never be my home
Track Name: Rescue
You call even though it’s been months
Since the last time I saw you
I don’t understand
Is it love or fear that I feel
Each time that I see you I brace for the fall
Here we are

You asked me to help you and I reached out my hand
You were looking for rescue and I stopped
I thought I was like you, I thought I was like you
But instead I’m not

I thought, I thought that I knew
I thought I could reach you
I guess I was wrong
It’s strange, I gave all that I had
But we still ended up here, where we don’t belong
Here we are

I’d give everything I own for one secret that you hold
I can’t build this life alone
So look deep into your heart and find the place we have to start
I am looking for you, where are you now

And I wait for you
And I wait for you, to come down and rescue me
I thought I was like you, I thought I was like you
But instead I’m not
Track Name: Bones
Skin like porcelain
Eyes that prove a gypsy mind
Lies not far behind
Why do I feel so cold
I got so good at hiding things
I thought you’d never know

You take a step and then you turn to me

Always chasing after memories
I can’t keep going on like this
She looks so real, but she is just a dream
And I’ve got bones beneath my skin
Beneath my skin

I walk in to the room
I could have sworn I heard your voice
But there’s no sign of you
How could I believe
That I would be the one for you
I feel like such a fool
Track Name: Angel Of The Summer
You’re already hesitating
And you’ve only just begun
Is it love that she’s bringing
Or just heartache and a gun
And you barely even know her
But already you’re undone
It’s such a shame

She runs to the gate
And she throws it wide
Tosses back her hair
And she’s captured your heart
Then she pulls you close
Just to whisper in your ear
You are the one I’ve been waiting for

You were an angel of the summer
Back when the days were long
And I haven’t seen you lately
But I can feel you in my heart
I thought of you tonight when I smelled lavender
But now it’s almost gone
Track Name: Love To Be With You
I can see the diamonds in the grass beneath your feet
And everything around me sparkles every time you speak
I will pull you closer to me just to hear you breathe
You can whisper foolish words and I won’t say a thing

I will tell you stories of a time so long ago
And you can be my Juliet and I your Romeo
I will take you anywhere you ever want to go
We’ll talk about the things that we are thinking

I just want to tell you,
I love to be with you
I just want to tell you,
I love to be with you

You talk to me of history, I tell you where we are
But every word we speak doesn’t mean anything at all
I will hold my hands out just to catch you when you fall
If you can find it in your heart, then trust me.

You don’t say anything at all
I wonder where we are
You don’t say anything at all
Track Name: You Can Save Me
Lay me down gently tonight
Cause I’m breakable in this kind of light
In all of my dreams I am heaven’s only child
But right now I’m giving up the fight

I’m not sure if you can save me
It’s just what I’ve been doing
Time after time after time

In your touch there is a fire
That eclipses all the reason in my mind
All the days before and all the days to come
Are lost inside this moment of desire
Track Name: Half A Mind To Stay
I’ve got pieces of sunshine
That slip through my fingers every time
I’m holding out my hands
And you’re holding me
You’ve got flowers in your hair
And you smell like lavender
I’ve waited all my life
Just for this

I think I’ve finally found
A place where the angels touch down
I’ve got half a mind to stay
I’ve never seen it like this
Afraid if I breathe I’ll lose it
I’ve got half a mind to stay

I reach a hand out to touch your face
And hang on every word you say
You consume me like a flame
I burn for you
In your eyes there’s a mystery
In your voice a symphony
I will sing a thousand songs
Just for you

It’s such a symphony
The things you say to me
You’re such a mystery
I wait for you, wait for you