Private Wars

by Daniel Whittington

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released March 2, 2012

2012 Rhodes Audio. All Rights Reserved.
Produced by Daniel Whittington and Brian Wallace
All songs mixed and mastered by Brian Wallace
Artwork by Dick Reeves; Photography by Vanessa Filkins

Daniel Whittington - acoustic/electric guitars, vocals, drums, bass, organ, rhodes, piano, percussion
Brian Douglas Phillips - vocals, pedal steel, electric guitar
Jaimee Harris - vocals
Halle Whittington - vocals
Brad Whittington - bass
Jordan Levine - drums
George Henderson - upright bass
Elbow Jones - trumpet
Emily Gimble - piano
Matt Rollings - piano, organ
Dick Gimble - upright bass
John Beland - guitars, mandolin
Billy Masters - guitars
Mark Addison - piano
Kurt Baumer - fiddle
George Garcia - organ
Ryan Allshouse - drums
Phil Siems - bass
Darren Clarke - guitar



all rights reserved
Track Name: Lightning
She was lightning with no thunder that never strikes twice
She was the kind to make you wonder if you would have her price
Out in the mines she grew a garden I watered with my tears
And all the things I could not pardon, haunted me for years

The she stepped into a mirror and took a path I could not see
And I did not have the faith to follow
If the first one’s always free, you could never tell by me
And I did not have the faith to follow

She built a world outside of boundaries and never knew the cost
She never noticed when she found me; I never gave up being lost
I was the moon she was Venus; Such a distant star
There was nothing between us that would let me reach that far
Track Name: Dry Bone Symphony
The Devil is a generous man; Some might call him a giver
But he takes with the other hand; He takes with the other hand
I gotta get me a place somewhere up on the mountain
Where I can go to be alone when he comes to take his own

I’m gonna make my stand in this dried out land.
Where the hollow bones of better men lay scattered on the sand
Late at night when the wind blows right
I can almost hear them whispering to me a dry bone symphony

I was a passionate man but I can barely remember
What it was that I believed; I just try to forget her
Now I hold in my hand, treasures I have assembled
From the Brazos river clay, it was all that I could save

I should have had an open hand and trusted all the things they said
I never thought I would regret the things I never had
Taste the dirt inside my mouth I look back on the planting ground
And see bitter seeds of carelessness have grown
To take all that I own
Track Name: Skin and Blood
It don't cost you nothing to sink down in the mud
Every step you take you pay with skin and blood
We've been so many miles without ever leaving home
You and me baby we have beat this road
Right down to bone

I never thought that we would be a line drawn in the sand
We took our sides and fought with pride till it all caved in
Every piece of armor and every broken sword
Are testaments to broken bones
In our private war

Driving through the living ruins of a thousand memories
Did they take a toll on you the way they did on me
Might as well slash these tires and burn it to the ground
We're never going back that way again

I dressed in shining armor; I saw you through the heat
I reached out to touch your lips and you kissed my feet
It turned into survival, how was I to know
You could win every single battle
And lose your soul

Sun came up this morning, creeping through the smoke
Maybe we could both forget the words we spoke
I will be the body and you will be the blood
And we will be a mystery
Track Name: Irish Whiskey
I'm gonna lay down in the leaves and go to sleep
Pull the earth up over me to keep me warm
Cause tonight has proved that I'm not the same without you
Like a sailor needs to sea, I need you

All your colors shine upon my face
I know you love me though you never speak my name
Others they may feel things that they never reveal
But for me it's always you it's always you

All my friends are concerned that I have become dependent
On the way you make me feel I am a king
But what kind of man would I be if I just left you by the wayside
When you've been so good to me, so good to me
Track Name: Folsom Prison
Here that train a'coming
Rolling round the bend
I ain't seen the sunlight since I don't know when
I'm stuck in Folsom Prison
Time keeps dragging on
That train just keeps on rolling
On down to San Antone

When I was a young boy
My momma told me son
Won't you always be a good boy
Don't you ever play with guns
But I shot a man in Reno
Just to watch him die
I hear that whistle blowing
I hang my head and cry

I'll be there's rich folk
Sitting in them fancy dining cars
Probably drinking coffee
Maybe smoking big cigars
I knew I had it coming
I knew I can't be free
but those people keeping on moving
That's what tortured me

If they'd let me out of this prison
If that railroad train was mine
I probably take it a little
Farther down the line
Far from Folsom Prison
Is where I want to stay
I'd let that lonesome whistle
Blow my blues away
Track Name: Never Go Home
I have been driving
Back roads of Texas at night
Since I was sixteen and I
Never found another place that feels like home
Roads with no center stripe covered in stars
You there beside me in my daddy's old car
Those are the memories that pull at my heart
When I'm feeling alone

Live oak and limestone
Flash through the headlights
Of two lovers driving around
Telling their secrets and dancing in graveyards
I left town and lost my religion
You never answered my calls
Forget where you came from
You can never go home again

I've crossed the borders
Of too many countries at night
Bent on avoiding the light
Ghost of a different life
Reaching for my throat
Filling shot glasses
With bottles of grief
With roughnecks and gamblers
Hookers and thieves
There's not enough hope
There's too much to drink
And I can't pay what I owe

I couldn't stay
They'll never leave
I should expect it by now
It's been too long
That shouldn't surprise me
I come back every once in awhile
And no one remembers my name
Forget where you came from
You can never go home again

Same old houses and same old streets
Maybe it's me that has changed
Forget where you came from
You can never go home again
Track Name: The Thread
I can't sleep; I try to still my mind
I'm in the dark when I'm not with you
Remembering the things we said
You probably should have stopped me at goodbye

Lovers and friends can always find the thread
Unraveling the stories that hide the truth
Pretend that it's not true
But you and I know nothing is the same

Take my hand only if you want to
We can go back to the beginning

Please don't try to call
There's nothing you can say
This is just something I have to let go
Tomorrow when you see me
Just pretend that I never said a word
Track Name: She Hasn't Left Yet
A bolt of lightning, and she's set your heart on fire
Tell yourself just one more time, you'll lay it on the line
Like you've never really suffered
You're thinking now, you finally found the one
After all the battle scars and lonely nights in bars
Your life is just beginning

Here hand upon your face humbles you like grace
You never saw it coming
And you'll never see her run
But you are just the one
she hasn't left yet

She hides her heart under layers of regret
And all the pretty words lovers offer her
Just remind her of what's broken
She's afraid you think that she's the one
And if she stays too long, she might prove you wrong
And she'll never let that happen
Track Name: You Can Save Me
Lay me down gently tonight
I'm breakable in this kind of light
In all of my dreams, I am heaven's only child
but right now I'm giving up the fight

I'm not sure you if you can save me
It's just what I've been doing
Time after time after time

In your touch there is a fire
That eclipses all the reason in my mind
All the days before and all the days to come
Are lost inside this moment of desire

I'm not sure you if you can save me
It's just what I've been doing
Time after time after time
Track Name: Talulah
Talulah is a daydream
That brings you to your knees
She will wear your heart
Just like a badge upon her sleeve

She'll lay there looking helpless
And act like she's alone
But when she cries at midnight
She knows everybody comes

She'll hang you in the balance
And find where you are weak
She'll tear apart illusions
That you've tried so hard to keep
You'll find that you forgive her
The moment that she smiles
She'll have you at her mercy

She will be your beauty
She will be your pain
She will be your downfall
Then she will be your grace

I know you've got your plans
Just know she's got her own
And she's already won the battle
The day you brought her home
Track Name: Walls
When you’re tearing down the walls
You’ve built with your own hands
You follow the fault line
Back to where it all began
And as you pull the ramparts down one brick at a time
Try not to lose yourself in the rubble
Try not to lose yourself in the crush

I have given up my heart
I have felt the rush
Of knowing that a single word
Could turn it all to dust
But I couldn’t take the damages
I couldn’t take the pain
And I stole it back and hid it deep
Behind the battlements
Even I can’t find it now
Behind the battlements

Lonely hearts can’t whisper
Secrets that they know
They have to hide their precious things
Afraid to let them show
Tearing all the towers down
And opening the gates
Is virtually impossible
When love turns into hate
And it’s hard to know the difference
When you see it all through pain

My walls have grown so high
That they are choking out the light
It’s hard to see the reasons
For continuing to fight
Maybe love can fracture these foundations that I’ve built
Maybe if I tear it down I’ll find myself again
Maybe this is just the cost
Of letting someone in
Track Name: Strong Tomorrow
I've been shipwrecked in a bottle
I've been hollowed out inside
I can see your hesitation
I understand your fear

When everything worth having
Takes more than you can give
There's forgiveness in a glass
Of amber Irish Tears

Sit with me tonight
Don't try to speak a word
I'll be strong tomorrow
I promise
All I need I patience
Especially from you
I'll be strong tomorrow
I promise

I have been so selfish
Focused on my pain
There have been so many things
I wish I could erase

I'll rescue you from heartache
If you can save me from myself
We'll find some kind of healing
A better kind of place